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FOUND: Old Hickory at Great Scott

June 7, 2010

Found: Old Hickory was one of the many nicknames for the country’s 7th president, Andrew Jackson.  His portrait graces the US $20 note and as such, The Shoegazer is always happy to see Mr. Jackson, even if he did facilitate the demise of much of the nation’s remaining native population.  So when The Shoegazer spotted a crumpled piece of paper on the floor of Great Scott a few weeks ago, he was thrilled to discover that it was not the 1st president on the bill, but the 7th.

Location:  This $20 was found on the floor of Great Scott, over toward the tables and the sound board.

Source: Like many bills found at Great Scott, this one appeared to have slipped out of a pocket or purse.  Tight pants are prevalent at The Pill, and tight pants aren’t always the best at keeping things in their pockets.

Destination: Just The Shoegazer’s luck, he had just returned from visiting the Great Scott ATM after running out of money.  He is grateful to have found this bill, but wishes it would have revealed itself five minutes sooner.  The bill was spent the following day on a very late breakfast.