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FOUND: Hark! Another Lost Bill

May 23, 2010

Found:  The Shoegazer’s long dry spell ended a short time ago when he visited a Whole Foods and found a $20 bill in the deli area.  And now, for the second time in a couple of weeks, a $20 bill has turned up on a floor within The Shoegazer’s gaze.  The site of this find was the Middle East downstairs, where a pretty awesome show was happening – The Hark Philharmonic, a 28-piece ragtag orchestra put together by Christopher Pappas of local bands The Everyday Visuals and Forest Fires.  The orchestra performed several pieces composed by Pappas, while he served as conductor.  Also on the bill was the very talented John Shade, backed by a small orchestra of his own (The Neave String Quartet), local indie rockers The Motion Sick and Seattle-based chick-rock band Visqueen.

Location: This find was made at the Middle East downstairs in Cambridge, MA.  The bill was lying on the floor near the main bar, toward the stage end of the bar.

Source:  Whoever lost this bill had left the scene prior to The Shoegazer’s arrival, as nobody was standing around it.  This one, it turns out, was not lost by Joe Seiders of The Everyday Visuals (who was in attendance), and who dropped a $20 last year that The Shoegazer recovered and returned to him.

Destination: The 20 dollars that this bill represented were spent in a variety of ways, purchasing a beer, coffee, the next day’s lunch, and a $2 lottery ticket, which The Shoegazer won $10 on.


FOUND: Not Quite a Whole Paycheck

May 10, 2010

Found: Well, it only took five months, but The Shoegazer has made another monetary find on the ground.  The scene was the Fresh Pond Whole Foods, late afternoon on May 10.  The Shoegazer had ventured to “Whole Paycheck” to pick up a couple of items when he decided to meander over to the cheese section and nibble on any free samples that were available.  There was only one – a rather creamy garlic and onion-infused cheddar.  Tasty, but I’m not buying a brick of it just yet.  However, on the way back over to the deli area, The Shoegazer spied an all-too-familiar piece of paper lying on the ground – a $20 bill.  Hey, if Market Basket can put sawdust on the floor, why can’t Whole Foods litter theirs with medium-denomination bills?

Location: Whole Foods Market at Fresh Pond, Cambridge MA.  Between the deli counter and the salad bar.

Source: Based on the prices at Whole Foods, probably someone who won’t even notice that it’s gone.

Destination: Since The Shoegazer had yet to pay for his items, this $20 went toward his purchase of several varieties of fancy mushrooms with which to make a risotto out of later.  He also purchased a box of macaroni and cheese, organic chicken broth for the risotto, and a few rolls of TP, to ensure that The Shoegazer does not become The Poogazer.

Where are the updates?

May 5, 2010

Well, The Shogazer just hasn’t found much on the ground lately.  Occasionally a one-dollar bill at Great Scott, but that’s not exactly news, especially since the origins and destinations of those bills typically remain the same (unknown and Great Scott bar, respectively).  Want to spice up the blog?  Mosey your way in front of The Shoegazer and conspicuously drop something of value.  It worked for Freezepop and all their quarters.