FOUND: Freezepop’s Laundry Money

Found:  In the haze following Thursday’s New Year’s Eve bacchanalia, The Shoegazer decided that sitting at home and watching tv all night might not be as much fun as social interaction.  With it being a Friday, the final destination was the venerable Friday night dance party known as “The Pill”.   One of the attendees of the night was a gentleman known affectionately as The Other Sean T. Drinkwater, whom The Shoegazer observed losing not one quarter to Great Scott’s floor, but more like ten or eleven.  Drinkwater declined to accept a return of the dropped quarters, apparently feeling that watching The Shoegazer retrieve them was an entertaining way to spend $3.

Location: These quarters hit the floor near the main bar at Great Scott in Allston, MA

Source: Typically, the sources of The Shoegazer’s finds make tracks before they can be identified, but in this unusual case, the source not only remained on the scene to be identified, but also showed no interest in retrieving his lost stash of quarters.   One can only imagine that in order to dance effectively, Drinkwater must not be weighed down in the mid-section.

Destination: These quarters currently reside in The Shoegazermobile, where they will be given away slowly to toll collectors, parking meters, and Dunkin Donuts drive-thru attendants.

Note: Catch The Other Sean T. Drinkwater and his jingling pockets on Saturday, January 23 at Great Scott as Freezepop perform live.  One can only hope they find some way of washing their snazzy synthpop attire without the use of laundry quarters.

bring a whole roll of quarters and get there early if you hope to catch this show!


One Response to “FOUND: Freezepop’s Laundry Money”

  1. sean Says:

    I’m sorry.

    I was being silly.

    I might’ve accidentally imbibed an alcoholic leisure-beverage that night.

    And yes, I am looking to shed weight in my mid-section however I can.

    Sean Drinkwater, Boston, Ma
    (the clone died like three years ago)

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