FOUND: Shoegaze At Jumbo’s

Found:  The date was Saturday, December 19, and The Shoegazer decided he might as well get cracking on that holiday shopping.  After being chased away from more populated areas (Harvard & Porter Squares) by traffic, The Shoegazer wound up in his old haunt, Ball Square, hunting for a particular gift.  A heavy snowstorm was predicted to being in a few hours, so everywhere The Shoegazer went, it was a frenzy.  After leaving the intended store empty-handed, it was time to walk back to the car, parked a few blocks away due to the heavy traffic in the area.  While walking in front of a row of restaurants in Ball Square, The Shoegazer caught a glimpse of a familiar item lying on the sidewalk – a wrinkled $1 bill, lying by a fire hydrant in front of the new “Eat At Jumbo’s” restaurant.

Location:  This dollar bill was, as described above, found next to a fire hydrant in front of the “Eat At Jumbo’s” restaurant in Ball Square, Somerville.

Source:  A likely guess would be someone who had recently eaten at Jumbo’s.   As Jumbo (named for the famous circus elephant) is the mascot of nearby Tufts University, this new establishment’s targeted clientele is Tufts students.

Destination:  $1 richer, The Shoegazer did not “Eat At Jumbo’s”, despite the sign beckoning him to do so.  Instead, this dollar went into his pocket and came out a few hours later at PA’s Lounge in Union Square.  It was the venue’s holiday party, featuring performances by Tony The Bookie, Pants Yell! and Wallcreeper.  The mysterious “PA’s Secret Brew” was on the house, and the Jumbo’s dollar went to the bartender as a tip.

Jumbo The Elephant, who only shoegazed peanuts, and also did not patronize Eat At Jumbo's, as he was too large to fit through the door.


One Response to “FOUND: Shoegaze At Jumbo’s”

  1. Grover Owner of Eat at Jumbo's Says:

    This was a very funny find.. the only better ending would of been that the dollar was traded in for some tasty tenders or to purchuse a local art piece from Eat at Jumbo’s of course….. Thanks for the laughs and I’m happy you make a buck.

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