FOUND: Bones In the Wooden Spoon Section (guest shoegaze)

DJ Kitten War is a friend of The Shoegazer.  She’s a fan of bowling, knitting, good food, good music and maybe most notable – kittens.  She regularly shares the daily “battles” in her Kitten Wars calendar, where one is forced to choose between two cute, cuddly kittens.  Spoiler alert: the one with the prop or the cutesy pose usually wins.

Here is DJ Kitten War’s description of her lucky find, in her own words.  Enjoy.

Found:  Because I hate malls and don’t want to procrastinate until December 20th like I did last year, I’ve been trying to get my Christmas shopping done during my lunch breaks at the stores near where I work.  Today, I decided to check out the Crate and Barrel down the street from my office on Boylston to get my parents out of the way.  I was checking out the kitchen gadgets and debating if they really needed an egg separator or some fancy dipping oils when I saw by my feet some money.  I stealthily picked it up and saw it was a slightly folded $5 bill.  I was quick to send a picture of it to The Shoegazer, though I’m pretty sure he was disappointed it was a picture of found money and not one of a cute kitten.

Location:  The Crate and Barrel on Boylston St, in the wooden spoon section.

Source:  I’m guessing it was one of the yuppie moms shopping for kitchen goods or one of the other regular joes shopping on their lunch break.

Destination:  It’s still chilling in my wallet for the time being, but will probably be spent on the burrito I’m planning on buying from Bolocco for lunch tomorrow.

DJ Kitten War resisted the urge to spend this on the readily available array of wooden spoons.


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