FOUND: The Cash Cab (guest shoegaze)

Note: this find was not made by The Shoegazer, and as such, this story is told by the lucky finder of the money, who we will call The Singing Pirate.  Catch her singing, and perhaps wearing a pirate hat, on December 4 at the Middle East corner.

Found:  I had just run into the Shoegazer at the Middle East Upstairs and had
the good luck to not only get a cab in Central Square at 1 AM but to
have it be a CASH CAB! The fact that my driver seemed to have no idea
of how to use the Pru as a landmark was quickly erased by further
proof that Friday the 13th is my lucky day. (The last time I got
money on Friday the 13th was the last time the toothfairy came.
Fortunately, I avoided all bar fights this year and made off with the
money and my chompers.)

Location: sticking out from the floor mat and folded in half, this old
school $20 inspired joy and nostalgia.

Source: no idea, but I really hate drunk skanks, so I’m gonna pretend
some drunk skank was trashed and dropped it.

Destination: spent over the weekend on pumpkin tiramisu from Uno’s and
ice cream from JP Licks for me and my friends 🙂

pumpkin tiramisu, apparently worth about $20 to some people. though not The Shoegazer.


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