FOUND: $13.10 Pesos

Found:  The Shoegazer has been a regular attendee of The Pill’s now legendary Halloween shows, which started back in 2003 when The Cignal took the stage as the Happy Mondays (complete with “Bez” and a roomful of colorful balloons) and The Information cribbed The Cure.  Last year, The Shoegazer was there and found only fake money on the floor of Great Scott’s fertile barroom floor – props from Halloween costumes that had broken free, or perhaps another cruel tease from that nefarious figure, The Mad Gluer.

This year, The Shoegazer donned the attire of (apparently not-so) famous 1970’s Mexican tv superhero El Chapulin Colorado (inspiration for The Simpsons’ “Bumblebee Man” character).  His pocketless costume made it a challenge for The Shoegazer to offer up his own money for other would-be floor hunters.  It only took about an hour after his arrival to find what The Shoegazer expected to find on the floor at Great Scott – paper money on the floor.  Though only a dollar bill, The Shoegazer was happy to quickly pick it up and disappear into the crowd the best a brightly colored Mexican tv superhero could.

Location:  This dollar was found by the zapatos (shoes) of El Chapulin Colorado as he was situated not far from the bar, near a small ledge where patrons lean and place their drinks.

Source:  This Halloween it’s possible that said dollar came from anyone from Princess Leia to David Bowie, bearded lady to dress-wearing man, to the various zombies and vampires also in the room.

Destination: This dollar, derived from the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, Virginia, series 2003, remained in The Shoegazer’s possession until the morning of Monday, November 2, when it was spent at The Sherman Cafe in Somerville, MA.

El Chapulin Colorado, the Halloween disguise of El Shoegazer


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