FOUND: A Small Bill for a Large Endowment

Found:  After hitting up a couple of rock shows, The Shoegazer decided to spend the waning moments of his Friday night at The Pill in Allston.  A favorite place to dance and have a drink, Great Scott is also the source of many past Shoegazer posts, as the bar’s cash-only, no-tabs policy means lots of opportunities for dollar bills to slip free.

Sure, other things occasionally turn up on the floor of Great Scott too – fake money, beer bottles, Turkish passports, Great Scott patrons – but this past Friday, The Shoegazer found something he’s seen many times on the floor (a $1 bill) sitting beside something he’s never seen on Great Scott’s (or any bar’s) floor – a sealed Magnum condom.  The dollar was standard size – about 6 inches long, but the condom appeared to be the largest size ever spied by The Shoegazer, and appeared ready to handle things much longer than 6 inches.

Location:  The dollar and condom were found together near the end of the bar at Great Scott, close to the coat racks.

Source:  The Shoegazer doubts the two items came from the same source – the shiny wrapper of the condom was spotted before the dollar turned up.  While the endowment of one is no longer in question, the loss of a single dollar unlikely affects the endowment of the other.

Destination:  While The Shoegazer would like to say he rejected the giant condom because it was too small, the truth is The Shoegazer left it behind because, well, who uses a condom they find on the ground?  Picking up dropped money is one thing, but most of what The Shoegazer spies on the ground, he is happy to leave there.  The dollar was spent the following day as a tip for a very oversized drink at the open bar of The Shoegazer’s first Russian/Chinese wedding.

a dollar bill is six inches long.  that's one mighty large condom!

a dollar bill is six inches long. that's one mighty large condom!


One Response to “FOUND: A Small Bill for a Large Endowment”

  1. Sarah Says:

    HA! Amazing.

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