FOUND: A Rolled Up $1 at 4am (Guest Shoegaze)

Found: DJ Fabulous is a friend and fan of the blog, who certainly lives up to her name.  Because she lives in Allston, she’s a familiar face at many of the neighborhood’s restaurants, bars and clubs.  So it was only fitting that DJ Fabulous ended a recently Allston evening with a trip to Twin Donuts, the iconic Union Square (that’s Allston, not Somerville) institution that opens its doors sometime around 4am each day with hot, fresh donuts.  The earliest arrivals at Twin Donuts are usually folks who are up real early (MBTA bus drivers, for example) and those who are up real late (DJ Fabulous and friends).

On a recent late night/early morning, DJ Fabulous was enjoying some breakfast goodness when she spied a familiar item lying near another patron – a one-dollar bill, tightly rolled in typical Allston fashion.  DJ Fabulous alerted the patron, who quickly retrieved his means of staying awake past 4am.

Location:  This dollar bill was spotted by DJ Fabulous at Twin Donuts in Allston, MA

Source:  A late-night reveler grateful to have retrieved his means of delivering a certain trendy stimulant.

Destination:  One does not need be a rocket scientist to figure out what became of this particular bill, suffice to say it recently parted company with a pocket full of large bills.

Note: read all about it on DJ Fabulous’s blog –


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