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Professional Shoegazers in Las Vegas Flood Tunnels?

September 25, 2009

Beneath the flickering lights of the Vegas strip lies a (literally) underground community of people living in a series of flood tunnels built to channel water out of the city.  Constructing what resemble loft apartments in these tunnels, people ranging from artists to the destitute reside in a dark world kept off the damp floor by milk crates.

So how does one pay for life’s other necessities whilst living down below?  By shoegazing, of course.  According to The Sun, a couple identified as Steven and Kathryn, make their money by what they call “credit hustle” – roaming the casinos above in search of money or slot machine credits left behind by inattentive and/or drunken gamblers.  “The most I’ve ever found is $997 on one machine”, says Steven.  “I’ve found $500 a few times. But normally $20 or so is enough to call it a night.”

Credit Hustlers, aka Shoegazers, in their damp underground domain

Credit Hustlers, aka Shoegazers, in their damp underground domain


FOUND: A Rolled Up $1 at 4am (Guest Shoegaze)

September 8, 2009

Found: DJ Fabulous is a friend and fan of the blog, who certainly lives up to her name.  Because she lives in Allston, she’s a familiar face at many of the neighborhood’s restaurants, bars and clubs.  So it was only fitting that DJ Fabulous ended a recently Allston evening with a trip to Twin Donuts, the iconic Union Square (that’s Allston, not Somerville) institution that opens its doors sometime around 4am each day with hot, fresh donuts.  The earliest arrivals at Twin Donuts are usually folks who are up real early (MBTA bus drivers, for example) and those who are up real late (DJ Fabulous and friends).

On a recent late night/early morning, DJ Fabulous was enjoying some breakfast goodness when she spied a familiar item lying near another patron – a one-dollar bill, tightly rolled in typical Allston fashion.  DJ Fabulous alerted the patron, who quickly retrieved his means of staying awake past 4am.

Location:  This dollar bill was spotted by DJ Fabulous at Twin Donuts in Allston, MA

Source:  A late-night reveler grateful to have retrieved his means of delivering a certain trendy stimulant.

Destination:  One does not need be a rocket scientist to figure out what became of this particular bill, suffice to say it recently parted company with a pocket full of large bills.

Note: read all about it on DJ Fabulous’s blog –

FOUND: 2 X $2

September 7, 2009

Found:  The month of August was a quiet one for The Shoegazer, who did not make any interesting finds on the ground, monetary or otherwise.  It’s also worth noting, however, that it had been quite awhile since The Shoegazer had visited Great Scott – a streak that was broken on Friday, August 28, when he attended The Pill, and quickly found 2 $1 bills lying on the floor near one of the coat racks.

The following Thursday, September 3, The Shoegazer once again ventured to the enclave affectionately known as Allston Rock City, to catch a few local bands.  Upon ordering a drink, bartender and club manager Tim was quick to regale The Shoegazer with the tale of his own find – a $20 bill under a bar stool after closing time a few days prior.

While the band Lifestyle were beginning their set, The Shoegazer glanced downward and though “hmm, that looks like a dollar bill stuck to that girl’s shoe”.  Low and behold, it was a dollar, along with one of its twins, and another piece of paper.  Realizing that the source was probably the owner of the shoe (the girl in front of him), The Shoegazer alerted her.  After a little assistance, dollars and girl were reunited and attention shifted to the synth-pop offerings of Lifestyle.

Location:  The 8/28 dollars were found near a coat rack not far from the main entrance.  The 9/3 dollars were found in the dance floor area a few feet from the sound booth.  Both finds, of course, happened at Great Scott at 1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston MA.

Source:  The source of 8/28 dollars remains at large, $2 poorer as a result of their own lack of paying attention.  The 9/3 dollars were returned to their likely source, who identified herself as Emma.

Destination: The 8/28 dollars were likely spent that night at Great Scott.  They went into The Shoegazer’s pocket and quickly made friends with the other dollars in there.  Since the night was young, The Shoegazer surmises that the 9/3 dollars were spent on a drink at some point later in the evening.

Updates Forthcoming!

September 3, 2009

The dry spell is over. The Shoegazer went to Great Scott last week. The inevitable happened. Expect a new post soon.