FOUND: Just Another Bill

Found:  It’s no secret that The Shoegazer is a fan and supporter of Boston’s local music community, and on this particular Friday night, Central Square was full of great bands playing at the Middle East and TT the Bear’s.  And just for good measure, 2 Live Crew were in town as well.  At TT’s was the homecoming/record release show for the very talented Bleu, in addition to a sonic ass kicking courtesy of Hooray For Earth.   Toward the end of the night, the lights came on and The Shoegazer walked around the room, mostly intent on shaking a few hands but also to see if anything of interest had surfaced on TT’s dirty floors.  Amid the usual litter of drink cups, napkins and other clutter lay a folded $5 bill.   Interestingly, this is the second time in the last few months that local music paparazzi man Just Bill was close by when a fiver was found.  They don’t call him “Just Bill” for nothing, I guess.

Location:  This bill was noticed by The Shoegazer as he spoke to Just Bill and one of his friends, lying on the floor of TT the Bear’s, slightly to stage right, about 8 feet back from the stage.

Source: It’s hard to imagine how this bill wiggled free at the location it was found in, as it was some distance from the club’s two bars.

Destination: This fiver stayed with TT the Bear’s, as The Shoegazer purchased a round of Pabst’s finest 1893 award-winning Blue Ribbon beer and also procured a few quarters that were used to showcase The Shoegazer’s other barroom talent – being a mediocre billiards player with occasional flashes of brilliance (or luck).

Hand signals help you realize this is a $5.  Grainy picture courtesy of Just Bill

Hand signals help you realize this is a $5. Grainy picture courtesy of Just Bill


One Response to “FOUND: Just Another Bill”

  1. DJ Fabulous Says:

    Um, that hand signal actually makes me think you have a FOUR dollar bill there. Did your thumb get amputated?

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