FOUND: Fortunately Not Enough For A Slice

Found:  As of late The Shoegazer has been working in Central Square in Cambridge, a neighborhood best known for its nightlife and collection of “eccentrics” who gather around benches and bus stops in the area.  Most of these people are here for one reason – to get free money, usually by appealing to the white liberal guilt of passersby.  As it turns out, there are other ways to get free money in Central Square – just look down.  After leaving his place of employment around 7pm on Tuesday, June 30, The Shoegazer spotted a folded $1 bill lying in the middle of a crowded sidewalk.  With the sly smile of approval by a business casual-attired witness, The Shoegazer scooped up the wayward one and continued on his way.

Location: This dollar bill was found on the sidewalk between the entrances of fine eating establishments Rendezvous and Hi-Fi Pizza.  Both are located on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA.

Source: Literally anyone, including Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, or Elvis could have dropped this bill.  Central Square attracts all types, including, it seems, inattentive pocket-watchers and even more inattentive beggars.  The Shoegazer hopes it was one of those well-meaning but very annoying political canvassers who don’t see dark reflective sunglasses, headphones and two hands full as an obstacle to their sales pitch.

Destination: This dollar bill is still in the hands of The Shoegazer, who expects to pass it along to a toll-taker along I-95 when he heads to Maine for some much desired R&R.

Hi-Fi Pizza. Probably not the best option for your late-night dollar.

Hi-Fi Pizza. Probably not the best option for your late-night dollar.


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One Response to “FOUND: Fortunately Not Enough For A Slice”

  1. Danielle Says:

    … well, but it’s one of the ONLY options for your late-night dollar.

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