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FOUND: Just Another Bill

July 25, 2009

Found:  It’s no secret that The Shoegazer is a fan and supporter of Boston’s local music community, and on this particular Friday night, Central Square was full of great bands playing at the Middle East and TT the Bear’s.  And just for good measure, 2 Live Crew were in town as well.  At TT’s was the homecoming/record release show for the very talented Bleu, in addition to a sonic ass kicking courtesy of Hooray For Earth.   Toward the end of the night, the lights came on and The Shoegazer walked around the room, mostly intent on shaking a few hands but also to see if anything of interest had surfaced on TT’s dirty floors.  Amid the usual litter of drink cups, napkins and other clutter lay a folded $5 bill.   Interestingly, this is the second time in the last few months that local music paparazzi man Just Bill was close by when a fiver was found.  They don’t call him “Just Bill” for nothing, I guess.

Location:  This bill was noticed by The Shoegazer as he spoke to Just Bill and one of his friends, lying on the floor of TT the Bear’s, slightly to stage right, about 8 feet back from the stage.

Source: It’s hard to imagine how this bill wiggled free at the location it was found in, as it was some distance from the club’s two bars.

Destination: This fiver stayed with TT the Bear’s, as The Shoegazer purchased a round of Pabst’s finest 1893 award-winning Blue Ribbon beer and also procured a few quarters that were used to showcase The Shoegazer’s other barroom talent – being a mediocre billiards player with occasional flashes of brilliance (or luck).

Hand signals help you realize this is a $5.  Grainy picture courtesy of Just Bill

Hand signals help you realize this is a $5. Grainy picture courtesy of Just Bill


FOUND: The Mad Gluer Strikes Again

July 2, 2009

Found:  Almost everything is coming up Shoegazer.  Earlier in the day he received the DVD he’s been eagerly anticipating since before he knew what DVD’s were – the complete series of The State.  Off to celebrate the occasion with one of the show’s signature foods, tacos, The Shoegazer found himself making a rare trip to that far-off enclave known as Jamaica Plain.  JP has previously been generous to The Shoegazer, offering up a $20 bill under a bar stool last winter.

Upon leaving the taco establishment with a belly full of tortilla and sangria, The Shoegazer had a rare lapse and walked right by a suspicious item on the ground.  It was up to an accomplice of The Shoegazer (who we will call Captain Viking Flu, after the disease she caught in Iceland) to pick up what turned out to be a fake $100 bill.  After a lengthy absence, it seems The Shoegazer’s nemesis, known on this blog as The Mad Gluer, has struck again.

Location:  The fake $100 bill was found on a wet sidewalk on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, MA, in front of a store that sells gaudy wedding dresses.

Source: Even though no glue was used (and thus no horses were harmed), one can only surmise that this is the work of The Mad Gluer – that nefarious figure who first stymied The Shoegazer last year with a quarter glued to the sidewalk, and who later surfaced on Halloween, dropping fake money on the ground at Great Scott on several occasions.

Destination:  After being photographed on the sidewalk (shown below with gesture of disapproval by Captain Viking Flu), this fake bill was left in its place to fool other would-be shoegazers.

Lose your fake money? Captain Viking Flu has something to say about that...

Lose your fake money? Captain Viking Flu has something to say about that...

FOUND: Fortunately Not Enough For A Slice

July 1, 2009

Found:  As of late The Shoegazer has been working in Central Square in Cambridge, a neighborhood best known for its nightlife and collection of “eccentrics” who gather around benches and bus stops in the area.  Most of these people are here for one reason – to get free money, usually by appealing to the white liberal guilt of passersby.  As it turns out, there are other ways to get free money in Central Square – just look down.  After leaving his place of employment around 7pm on Tuesday, June 30, The Shoegazer spotted a folded $1 bill lying in the middle of a crowded sidewalk.  With the sly smile of approval by a business casual-attired witness, The Shoegazer scooped up the wayward one and continued on his way.

Location: This dollar bill was found on the sidewalk between the entrances of fine eating establishments Rendezvous and Hi-Fi Pizza.  Both are located on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA.

Source: Literally anyone, including Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, or Elvis could have dropped this bill.  Central Square attracts all types, including, it seems, inattentive pocket-watchers and even more inattentive beggars.  The Shoegazer hopes it was one of those well-meaning but very annoying political canvassers who don’t see dark reflective sunglasses, headphones and two hands full as an obstacle to their sales pitch.

Destination: This dollar bill is still in the hands of The Shoegazer, who expects to pass it along to a toll-taker along I-95 when he heads to Maine for some much desired R&R.

Hi-Fi Pizza. Probably not the best option for your late-night dollar.

Hi-Fi Pizza. Probably not the best option for your late-night dollar.