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Got a Shoegazing Story to Share?

June 24, 2009

One of The Shoegazer’s early jobs was in the games department of a nearby amusement park, where he was in charge of keeping a watchful eye on the park’s arcades.  Responsibilities included helping customers with malfunctioning games, trying to card 14 year olds attempting to use the cigarette machine, sweeping the floors and looking busy when the always-grumpy supervisors came walking by.  One of the few perks of the job was the privilege of keeping any money found on the ground of the arcade, which mostly came in the form of quarters.

Have you worked a job that allowed you to find money on the ground?  The Shoegazer has many friends who work in the bars, music venues and restaurants around Boston, and some of them tell tales of finding large sums of money on the floor at the end of a busy night, while others seem to be left at the station waiting for a gravy train yet to arrive.

If you have a story of shoegazing, either at work or otherwise, The Shoegazer wants to hear from you!  Email to share your story.

The movie Adventureland, which more or less summed up The Shoegazers summer of 1997

The movie Adventureland, which more or less summed up The Shoegazer's summer of 1997


FOUND: I Want My Two Dollars!

June 16, 2009

Found:  Following a week off the sauce, The Shoegazer decided it was time to be social again, and what better place to do that than Great Scott?  After all, “The Pill” is the place to be seen, and to not see your money slip away as you stand near the bar.  That’s where The Shoegazer comes into the picture, as he recovered a pair of $1 bills lying unclaimed on the floor.

Location: These twin dollar bills were folded together, slightly crumpled, and lying on the floor about halfway between the bar stools and a ledge that serves as a table for standing bar patrons.  The venue of course is the venerable Great Scott at 1222 Commonwealth Ave in Allston, MA.

Source: The Shoegazer can only hope that these were dropped by the toolbag who took a swing at his friend Nico of the local band Televandals, or the skank accompanying said toolbag, who took a few swings at Great Scott’s fearless bartender (and fan of the blog) Tim.

Destination:  These dollars remained together throughout their brief tenure in The Shoegazer’s pocket, as they were spent together at a cafe in Central Square in exchange for a sandwich and a fresh brewed iced tea.

thank you, IMDB, for reminding The Shoegazer that the I Want My Two Dollars kid was in fact named Johnny

thank you, IMDB, for reminding The Shoegazer that the "I Want My Two Dollars" kid was in fact named Johnny