FOUND: A Taxpayer Refund

Found: This past weekend featured two great shows at The Shoegazer’s favorite shoegazing venue, Great Scott. Dubbed “Taxpayer Weekend” due to that band’s two appearances, your favorite blogging taxpayer had a feeling the crowded rooms of thirsty drinkers would result in a payday for The Shoegazer.

After failing to find anything on the ground during Friday’s show (as part of “The Pill”), The Shoegazer returned on Saturday to see his fortunes take a lucky turn; while glancing downward near the end of the bar by the coat hooks, a folded $20 came into view and was quickly retrieved.

Friday’s show featured a loud, animated set by Taxpayer and was followed by two hours of sweaty dancing to the selections of DJ’s Ken and Michael, while Saturday’s show featured an opening set by Tiny Animals, an even better Taxpayer set, and a mind-blowingly awesome performance by The Everyday Visuals for their CD release show.

Location: This $20 bill is the latest of many recovered from that cash-only oasis of Great Scott in Allston, MA. This one turned up near the corner of the room, by Tim’s end of the bar.

Source: Upon recovering this bill, The Shoegazer immediately began asking friends (and fans of the blog) if they were missing anything. After several minutes of trying to locate the source of the $20, its fate was decided.

Destination: With the feeling that the source of this bill was not far from the scene, The Shoegazer spent the $20 bill at the bar, purchasing a round of 5 drinks for whoever was nearby and thirsty. One can only hope that this was the original intended destination for this $20, and that this instance of sharing the wealth will continue The Shoegazer’s string of lucky finds on the floors of Great Scott.

meet Tim - Great Scott manager, bartender and shoegazing fan, seen here posing with a found $20 bill

think you lost this? please refer to the sign behind Tim. sincerely, The Shoegazer


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