FOUND: Limahl’s Net Worth

Found:  Last Thursday, The Shoegazer headed off to Common Ground in Allston with 2 goals in mind: dancing to some 80’s music, and shoegazing over by the bar.  The bar is quickly becoming the Great Scott of, well, down the street, with frequent finds turning up near the bar.  After a few songs on the dance floor and a few instances of serving as a wing man, it was time for The Shoegazer to quench his thirst, and while doing so, spotted an unknown bill lying unclaimed on the floor nearby.  A quick shimmy to the left, a quick reach downward, and The Shoegazer picked up enough for a free beer – a folded in half $5 bill.

It should be noted that “NeverEnding Story” by Limahl was playing while this fiver was found.  For those unfamiliar with the work, it more or less comprised the solo career of former Kajagoogooo vocalist Christoper Hamill – and yes, it was the title track from the craptacular 80’s movie of same name.

Location:  This bill was lying on the floor near the bar at Common Ground (Harvard Ave, Allston, MA).  More specifically, it was on the floor at approximately the point where the first group of beer taps are located.

Source:  Most likely someone who couldn’t be bothered to put their change back into a pocket or wallet in an effort to make it back to the dancefloor for the nugget of Limahl awesomeness.

Destination:  It would be great if I could tell you that this $5 bill went to the purchase of 6 or 7 gently used VHS copies of “The NeverEnding Story”, but the truth is that this fiver was coughed up the following morning at 1369 Coffee House in Central Square, Cambridge. 

five bucks will get you an awful lot of copies of this gem

five bucks will get you an awful lot of copies of this gem


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