FOUND: Just A Bill

Found:  It still amazes me how rarely some people look down.  Occasionally The Shoegazer’s mission is a challenging one, requiring a keen eye and a fast grab.  In this case, however, shoegazing was more akin to shooting fish in a barrel.  With many onlookers seemingly staring in the very direction of the quarry, The Shoegazer plucked a worn $5 bill from the middle of a floor in a crowded room.  And since this blog isn’t yet popular enough to account for passive spectators admiring The Shoegazer’s craft, it must be assumed that the average person just doesn’t look at the ground very often.  It must be a sad existence for such folks – never finding lost money, constantly stepping in gum, dog poop and other pitfalls that the average shoegazer avoids.

Location:  This worn fiver was lying flat on the ground, in the middle of the floor of the mezzanine bar at the Middle East downstairs, with many onlookers present.

Source:  Likely one of the many onlookers, and definitely a fan of local music, as the show in question was the semi-final round of the 31st annual Rock & Roll Rumble, featuring outstanding performances from such bands as The Luxury and Destruct-A-Thon.

Destination:  The Shoegazer purchased a small “5 Hour Energy” bottle, which sustained him through the night despite not getting enough sleep the night before.  The “energy” lasted long enough to take the picture below, featuring local music photographer JustBill in a rare appearance on the other side of the camera.  The Shoegazer can’t quite explain the photo bombing ear plug.

view the (much higher quality) photography of JustBill at

view the (much higher quality) photography of JustBill at


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