FOUND: Big Bucks, No Whammies

Found:  The Shoegazer had a long Tuesday.  After working a full day at his new place of employment, he hopped in the shoegazermobile and headed off to anchor the evening shift on the radio.  Needless to say, come 10pm it was time for a drink.  Realizing that a favorite watering hole would likely be quiet due to the fact that it’s Tuesday, The Shoegazer ventured to Deep Ellum in Allston.  Although this relaxed beer bar had never coughed up money before, The Shoegazer had barely sat down on an unoccupied bar stool when he noticed something underneath it – a crisp, neatly folded $1 bill

Location: This bill turned up under a bar stool near the front door at Deep Ellum, a bar located on Cambridge Street in Allston, MA.

Source: Most likely whoever had last sat at the open bar stool, and someone who may or may not have holes in their pockets.

Destination: After having its picture taken with the local comedian seen below, the dollar went home with The Shoegazer, and remained in his possession into the following evening.  The local comedian, by the way, is currently in the running for Rooftop Comedy’s college competition, and is also shamelessly soliciting votes here:

"vote for me, and i'll give you one of these!" - erika storm wasser

"vote for me, and i'll give you one of these!" - erika storm wasser


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