FOUND: Mr. Clifford’s Glasses, Mr. Shoegazer’s Dollar

Found:  The Shoegazer’s longest drought in many months is over, albeit with the recovery of the smallest dollar amount worth blogging about – one.  While seeking a drink at the crowded 80’s night known as “Heroes”, The Shoegazer peered downward and quickly pocketed the wayward Washington.   While looking for other founding fathers on the floor of the club, The Shoegazer also spotted a pair of sunglasses.  Further inspection revealed that said sunglasses were still in pretty good shape, and even better, looked great on The Shoegazer himself. 

Location: Both the dollar and the sunglasses were recovered from the floor near the main bar at TT the Bear’s on Brookline Street in Cambridge, MA.

Source:  With the dollar in his pocket and the sunglasses on his head, The Shoegazer returned to the crowded Heroes dancefloor, with the goal of cutting the rug to the likes of Joy Division and the Buzzcocks in mind.  About 30 minutes later, a fellow dancer curiously asked where the glasses on The Shoegazer’s head had originated.  Turns out, said dancer was a friend of the sunglasses’ source – a disappointed young man named Bryan Clifford.  Needless to say, the glasses were re-united with Mr. Clifford and presumably stayed on his person for the remainder of the night.  He laid no claim to The Shoegazer’s found dollar, whose dispenser remains at large. 

Destination:  Following their brief flirtation with The Shoegazer’s mug, the sunglasses began and finished the night in the company of Bryan Clifford.  The dollar’s original intended destination was most likely the main bar at TT’s, and sure enough, the dollar ended up there by way of The Shoegazer.  As of the very early morning hours of Sunday, March 22, 2009, the dollar was in the possession of TT’s (and maybe even Boston’s) finest bartender, Shari – attentive retriever of beers, mixer of cocktails and eager helper in matters of love and wealth.


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One Response to “FOUND: Mr. Clifford’s Glasses, Mr. Shoegazer’s Dollar”

  1. Bryan Clifford Says:

    Hi from Vancouver BC,

    I suffer from lapses of memory when I don’t recall meeting people in bars I’ve never been to because I only drink alone trying to forget my tortured childhood when my parents forced me to learn to read English at 4 years old that’s since driven me crazy listening to the hundreds of voices in my head telling me to flatter drunks and others who depress their cortical functions then write ingenious compelling prose suggesting an obsession shoes I can’t see because of my beer belly so I may go on a diet, work out and become a UFC fighter because I’m gay and like to wrestle with other buff guys and watch ‘mens?’ sports with adult aged boys playing with their little balls…. my wife says….

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