FOUND: The True Meaning of Presidents Day

Found: On the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, The Shoegazer set out to the bars in hopes of finding Mr. Lincoln or perhaps a founding father on the ground along the way. What The Shoegazer somehow forgot is that the portrait of Mr. Lincoln is also featured on the penny, and for most of the night, that’s the only thing spotted on the floor. Things started to look up at TT the Bear’s, when The Shoegazer plucked a drink ticket off the floor. After leaving TT’s, it was off to ZuZu, around the corner, for one last beer before heading off into the night. And there, under the bar stools, lay the printed image of a founding father – not the 16th president unfortunately, but The Shoegazer is always more than happy to see the first president too.

Location: The one-dollar bill was found under a bar stool, close to closing time, at ZuZu on Mass. Ave. in Cambrige, MA.

Source: Where this single came from was anyone’s guess. It’s the all too familiar tale of someone not watching their pockets after a bar transaction.

Destination: After getting its picture taken (see below) with Paul from the band This Car Up, the dollar went into The Shoegazer’s pocket and relinquished on the afternoon of Friday the 13th.

The unlucky date has a history of being particularly unlucky to The Shoegazermobile – on previous Fridays the 13th, your faithful narrator has fallen victim to everything from parking tickets to having his side-view mirror taken off by someone’s fat ass in a Whole Foods parking lot. This year, it was a recurring overheating problem that plagued The Shoegazer, and the found dollar helped purchase a new jug of coolant with which to regulate The Shoegazermobile’s engine temperature.

paul from this car up, with one-dollar bill. catch this car up playing a benefit show at o'briens on february 22nd

paul from this car up, with one-dollar bill. catch this car up playing a benefit show at o'briens on february 22nd


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