FOUND: The Littlest iPod

Found: While The Shoegazer has long been a finder of ground and floor money, other items of value are harder to come by. Over the years, a handful of passports have been found, most recently a Turkish one on the dance floor at Great Scott. And back in 1997 or so, The Shoegazer found a then-cutting-edge-technology flip phone on the ground at the Paradise following the infmaous “Drew Bledsoe Show”, an Everclear gig punctuated by stage-diving drunken NFL stars.

Twelve years later, The Shoegazer has once again found some 1997 cuttting edge technology on a barroom floor – a small white and silver iPod shuffle (redundant? aren’t all iPod shuffles small?). The headphones remain at large. With a retail price (new) of between $50 and $70, this marks The Shoegazer’s largest monetary find since the inception of this blog.

Location: This device was found under a bar stool in the front bar of McGreevy’s, a baseball-themed Irish bar in Boston (imagine that). Until venturing inside on the evening of February 11, 2009, McGreevy’s had been known to The Shoegazer merely as “that place next to the Pour House”.

Source: Somebody with a small record collection, as this bad boy doesn’t hold a whole lot of songs.

Destination: With a 60 gig iPod already at home and the sneaking suspicion that this iPod’s owner might come looking for it, The Shoegazer turned this device over to the bartenders at McGreevy’s. Whether it went into the lost & found or went home with one of the bartenders is unknown.

"i get ipod, he get ipod mini. everyone know it for girls!" - borat sagdiyev

"i get ipod, he get ipod mini. everyone know it for girls!" - borat sagdiyev


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3 Responses to “FOUND: The Littlest iPod”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Leaving open the big question: WHAT were you doing at that place?!

  2. Sunnydalelow Says:

    Yea…that is the question….

  3. theshoegazer Says:

    What was The Shoegazer doing there, you ask? He was attending a screening for a new HBO series called Eastbound and Down, about a washed-up baseball player that was actually good for a few low-brow laughs. The Shoegazer attended this party because it offered free beer, which is almost as good as find several dollars on the ground.

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