Meet “The Human Floor”


While The Shoegazer picks up money off the floors of bars and sidewalks, this guy took it one step further.  As the winner of the WFNX Sandbox Carnival of Yahoos, The Human Floor not only laid on a bed of nails with people jumping on top of him, but he allowed the audience to staple-gun money to his body.  If the picture is a little blurry, that’s Misters Washington, Lincoln and Jackson stapled to his face – $26, in addition to dollar bills stapled to his nipples and rear end.  Oh yeah, and for letting people do this to him, The Human Floor took first prize in the Carnival of  Yahoos – $1000 cash.  Well earned, The Shoegazer might add.


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One Response to “Meet “The Human Floor””

  1. Sarah Says:

    This kind of makes me feel uncomfortable and wigged out.

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