FOUND: The Shoegazer’s Big Weekend

Found: Things are looking up for the guy who always looks down.  The Shoegazer had his best weekend ever since creating this blog over a year ago, coming away with $40 off the floors of two local bars.   The first $20 bill was found on that hardwood-floored ATM machine that is Great Scott’s bar shortly before last call.  Below a bar stool laid a crisp twenty waiting for the nonchalant grab of The Shoegazer. 

The second $20 bill marks the first time a bar in Jamaica Plain has offered up cash to The Shoegazer.  Your humble narrator and a fan were enjoying a late dinner and a few pints at James’ Gate on South Street in JP, when The Shoegazer spotted his second $20 bill in less than 24 hours lying on the floor below an unoccupied barstool.  It was quickly given a temporary home in The Shoegazer’s right pants pocket. 

Later in the evening, even more money was spotted on the floor at a third bar, Jeannie Johnston’s (also on South Street in JP), but was unable to retrieve the cash before an amateur shoegazer (or perhaps the source of said cash) scooped it up first.

Location: The first $20 was found at Great Scott, no surprises there.  The second was, as mentioned above, below an unoccupied barstool at James’ Gate in Jamaica Plain.

Source: Both of these bills appears to have wiggled free from the pocket or purse of bar patrons who had left the scene prior to The Shoegazer’s discovery.

Destination: Prior to the discovery of the Great Scott twenty, bartender and blog reader Tim asked if I had found anything, and sadly most of the night my reply was “nothing yet”.  So when it was time to spend the lucky find on a round of drinks prior to last call, Tim instantly knew where the cash for the drinks had come from.  In a sad turn of events, one of the drinks purchased with the twenty was spilled before a single sip was taken – easy come, easy go.

The second twenty spent the night in The Shoegazer’s pocket and was finally turned over to employees of Lanes & Games in Cambridge, MA, where The Shoegazer rolled three games of adequate, but not excellent, bowling.


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