FOUND: The Great Scott Mystery Solved

Found:  Following a great local rock show at the Paradise, The Shoegazer and friends proceeded down to that great bastion of floor money, Great Scott, for its Friday night ritual “The Pill”.  And low and behold, later in the evening, a crumpled $1 bill came into view beneath the bar stools and quickly joined the ranks of The Shoegazer’s dwindling stash.

Location:  Here’s another one from Great Scott.  Since the inception of this blog, The Shoegazer and many of the blog’s regular readers have theorized why cash turns up on the floor of the bar with such frequency.  And not just below the bar stools – the trail of cash leads to the tables by the windows, the dance floor, and even the stage.  But the question remained – why is Great Scott so lucky while fewer finds are made at similar venues, like The Middle East and TT The Bear’s?  Alas, The Shoegazer has figured it out.  Great Scott is a cash-only bar that also does not do tabs, meaning that every drink purchased is a separate cash transaction.  While many bars see a majority of their bar sales on credit cards, Great Scott’s old-fashioned cash register swallows up each and every dollar not designated as a tip or cast off to the floor.

Source: Hopefully one of several rude, pushy people who slammed into The Shoegazer and friends on and near the dance floor.

Destination: A night that includes Great Scott often leads to a morning that includes Anna’s Taqueria, and the crumpled dollar was unraveled and spent at the Davis Square Anna’s on a foil-wrapped half-pound of deliciousness.


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