FOUND: The Christmas Spirit (Bearing The Portrait of Andrew Jackson)

Found: Tis the season for the holiday party, that non-denominational celebration marked by Christmas lights, santa hats, and of course, copious amounts of alcohol. One highlight for The Shoegazer for many Decembers has been the Middle East holiday party, where the downstairs room is opened up for an evening of schmoozing and boozing. Once there, The Shoegazer converses with an array of local musicians, bookers, bartenders, promoters and scenesters whilst redeeming drink tickets and nibbling on the buffet (The Shoegazer is known to make a bee-line for the chicken wings and hummus). Because the event is largely fueled by drink tickets and the $1 bills they illicit as tips, the $20 bill The Shoegazer found near the main (lower level) bar really had no business being there. I mean honestly, who brings a $20 bill to an open* bar?

Normally a find of this significance would only occur at Great Scott, as the Middle East downstairs is a frequent hangout for The Shoegazer, but not a frequent place where shoegazing occurs. It should be noted, however, that Great Scott’s manager/bartender Tim was standing mere feet away at the time this bill was retrieved. So even when the shoegazing does not occur at Great Scott, its staff is not far away!

Location: This find marks The Shoegazer’s most significant find of recent memory that he’s actually held onto. It was found on the floor near the main (lower level) bar at the Middle East downstairs in Cambridge, MA, which is located at 472 Mass. Ave, at the corner of Brookline Street.

Source: Someone who apparently didn’t get the memo about the drink tickets. Or potentially Santa Claus.

Destination: This bill will go a long way in alleviating The Shoegazer’s poverty, though chances are he’ll just go out for a couple of beers and blow it all without even thinking twice.

Update 12/17 – this $20 bill remains in The Shoegazer’s possession following a round of pub quiz at PJ Ryan’s in Somerville, MA. It was initially spent on the $5 entry fee (with $15 in change given), but won back (for a total of $35) at the end of the night when The Shoegazer correctly identified the date of Canada Day as July 1st.

Update 12/18 – with the thrill of victory fresh in  his mind, The Shoegazer once again brought this lucky $20 bill to another pub quiz, this time at The Druid in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA.  And although The Shoegazer’s team fell behind early in the Christmas-themed trivia night, the team dubbed “Potsi Scheme” eventually came away victorious, netting $60 among three players and more or less covering the bar tab (and allowing the $20 bill to remain in The Shoegazer’s possession).

Update 12/20 – The Shoegazer has spent the lucky $20 bill.  It now rests in a till at a liquor store in Lynn, MA, where The Shoegazer purchased a 6-pack of Russian beer for a party later. He’d tell you what kind it was, but The Shoegazer speaks no Russian.  He only drinks it.


2 Responses to “FOUND: The Christmas Spirit (Bearing The Portrait of Andrew Jackson)”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Who brings a $20 bill to an open bar? Someone who forgot to break their $20 and then didn’t want to schlep out to buy, like, a bottle of water from the convenience store.

  2. Danielle Says:

    (This someone is usually me, tipping in the currency of sheepish smiles.)

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