FOUND: 0.6807 Pounds Sterling

Found: While as of late, shoegazing has been the primary occupation of The Shoegazer, he also works for a local radio station that hosted its holiday show on Saturday, December 6 at the Orpheum. The show featured Franz Ferdinand and Airborne Toxic Event, two bands The Shoegazer is known to be a fan of. While at the venue, the only thing of note spotted on the floor was an empty bottle of Captain Morgan under his seat, and the sad discovery of expired, unused drink tickets his back pocket.

Following the show, a group of station employees, their friends and a few listeners bar hopped in the area around the venue, eventually wandering into Silvertone – a bar known for it’s cozy vibe, good food and rather affordable drinks. Among the folks who had ventured into the bar were most of the members of Airborne Toxic Event and Franz Ferdinand. While ordering a beer at the bar, The Shoegazer looked down and spotted a one dollar bill lying on the floor; after fetching it, he looked up and saw Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand singer/single malt aficionado). Alex did not lay claim to the lost dollar, and acted somewhat interested while The Shoegazer’s friends explained his money-finding knack to the tipsy Scotsman.

the shoegazer (right), one dollar bill (center), alex kapranos (right)

the shoegazer (left), one dollar bill (center), alex kapranos (right)

Location: The main bar at Silvertone, a small restaurant and bar located on a side street just off Tremont Street in downtown Boston.

Source: This one could have just as easily come from a rock star or a random dude at the end of the bar. Sobriety had lone since called it a night for most in attendance, so it’s unlikely this dollar is sadly missed.

Destination: Upon leaving Silvertone, The Shoegazer and many in his entourage (yes, The Shoegazer is laying claim to the afterparty entourage) randomly decided to jump on an empty party bus, directing the driver to head to Allston. With most of the afterparty on board (minus the bands), the bus blasted its reggaeton and meandered the streets of downtown Boston before coming to a stop on Mass Ave near Berklee College of Music. The driver then asked for more money from everyone aboard, and The Shoegazer decided it was time to hop off. That he did, hailing a cab and spending the found dollar on the taxi ride home.


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