FOUND: A Fond Farewell to the Abbey

Found: After 75 years of existence as a dive bar, neighborhood watering hole and music club, Abbey Lounge shut its doors for good on the day before Thanksgiving, ending an era the only way they knew how – with loud, raucous local bands, cheap beer and strong cocktails. While many music venues close unceremoniously and never get a proper farewell, old-timers and recent arrivals crammed into the tiny bar for one last night.

And just like what happened to The Hacienda in the end of “24 Hour Party People”, the patrons of the final show did their best to loot the venue of its trademark signs. First to go were the beer and liquor signs on the wall, followed by a few items The Shoegazer managed to liberate from the doomed club – a fire exit sign, an “employees only” sign, and a “sold out” sign that looks like a homemade sign lovingly made by one of the bar’s door people. Oh yeah, and amid the chaos, The Shoegazer also found a $1 bill, near the exit.

Location: What is now the former site of the Abbey Lounge, on the border of Cambridge and Somerville in Inman Square.

Source: The exit sign was installed to bring the bar into compliance with fire codes, where it would guide patrons out of the building in the event of a fire. The “sold out” sign looks home-made and was probably the work of a bar employee. The “employees only” sign was on a door near the rear of the bar, intended to keep drunken patrons out of what was probably a janitor’s closet or storage area. The source of the $1 bill is anybody’s guess

Destination: Let a thousand Somervillians bloom. The exit sign will likely adorn The Shoegazer’s apartment, and the “employees only” sign is already re-mounted on the door to the apartment’s only bathroom. The “sold out” sign will be returned to its creator, should said person come forward. The dollar was spent at the Capitol Diner in Lynn, MA on the morning of November 28.

The future of the location lovingly known as the Abbey Lounge for 75 years remains in question.  While many, including The Shoegazer, would like to see it remain a live music venue, unconfirmed reports suggest the site may become yet another Irish bar.  Personally, The Shoegazer would rather it become a Starbucks or a Republican Party Headquarters than see another bad Irish bar pop up.



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