FOUND: Solace for a Soggy Shoegazer

Found: The Shoegazer began his night at the Silhouette, a bar on Brighton Avenue in Allston, but after DJ Fabulous spilled an entire beer in his lap, it was time to head elsewhere.

Halfway between the sites of previous finds, Great Scott and O’Briens, lies Common Ground, an unassuming neighborhood bar known for its decade-themed dance nights, solid beer selection and cranky owners. The Shoegazer was once a regular at the Thursday 80’s party known as Love Night, and still goes back on those evenings when a hankering for Neneh Cherry, Murray Head or Duran Duran just won’t go away. Common Ground, while not as lucky as Great Scott or O’Briens, is still a place where a lost dollar or two can turn up at anytime. And of course, “anytime” can certainly include finding a crumpled $1 bill lying on the middle of the floor in the bar area. A few steps to the left, a nonchalant reach downward, and just like that, The Shoegazer is $1 richer.

Location: Common Ground, a bar on Harvard Ave in Allston, MA. Harvard Ave is also known as The Golden Road, as its Allston section essentially begins at O’Briens and ends at Great Scott, when the street passes into Brookline.

Source: A careless 80’s fan.

Destination: This dollar is no longer in The Shoegazer’s possession, however he as no recollection of spending it, so perhaps The Shoegazer has inadvertently paid it forward. Let’s just hope the rest of his money is where it ought to be.



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One Response to “FOUND: Solace for a Soggy Shoegazer”

  1. Danielle Says:

    That beer on the right ate up a dollar plus six or seven more?

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