Find Something? Lose Something? E-mail The Shoegazer

The Shoegazer, while remaining a semi-mysterious figure (really, anyone familiar with the locations and people mentioned in this blog could probably figure it out), can now be reached via e-email!

Now you can e-mail The Shoegazer himself at

Have a shoegazing story of your own?  It seems that most people who are told of this blog usually have a story to share about a found bill, wallet or envelope of cash.  There are some out there who have found far greater sums of money than The Shoegazer.  Include all of the details of your find – a description of what you found and how you came across it, the location, the source (or your best guess) and what you did with the money (or where you returned the wallet, etc).  Pictures always help, too.

Lost something and you want The Shoegazer to keep an eye out for it?  Give The Shoegazer the details and his head will be kept down should he find himself in the area of your lost valuables.

Think you’re the rightful owner of something The Shoegazer found?  Although the motto “finder’s keepers” is a creed of The Shoegazer, he has no interest in keeping anything that has a rightful owner – including wallets, ID’s, credit cards, passports, etc.  Whenever possible, these personal items are turned over to employees at the businesses where they’re found.


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