FOUND: 2 Tricks, 0 Treats

Found: With The Shoegazer’s recent track record at Great Scott, the much-hyped Pill Halloween Show seemed the perfect place to continue the streak, as surely ill-fitting costumes would let bills both large and small slip unnoticed into the dark, beery oblivion. What The Shoegazer did not count on, however, was that Halloween is also the night of Trick or Treat, and maybe recent good luck at Great Scott led The Shoegazer to believe that he would be getting more treat than trick. However, the opposite turned out to be true.

Early into the night, as The Sun Lee Sunbeam were playing an animated send-up to Elastica (minus the smack, I hope and assume), a small piece of paper came into view near the bar. A quick reach revealed the first Trick played on The Shoegazer on Halloween – it was in fact money, but unfortunately it was a fake $20 bill. And just in case there was any question about its authenticity, the bill was about half-sized, measuring approximate 3 inches by 1 inch.

DJ Fabulous

the fake $20, with a real fiver and High Life bottle shown for scale. photo: DJ Fabulous

Later on, as Wonderful Spells had done the Kinks better than maybe even the Davies are capable of these days, and Perennials reunited to get the dancefloor going as The Strokes, The Shoegazer made his second deceptive discovery of the evening – with the assistance of DJ Fabulous, The Shoegazer came up with a fake $100 bill, this one full sized, but to set aside any doubts of its validity, the reverse of the bill was blank. What The Shoegazer thought may be another bill turned out to be any empty Miller High Life bottle. Cursed again!

Location: All of these non-finds happened at The Shoegazer’s traditional stomping grounds, Great Scott in Allston, MA

Source: The Shoegazer has no idea which Halloween costume produced the half-sized fake $20, as it could have been any number of show-goers. The Shoegazer did spot another fake $100 bill as part of another person’s costume, so it’s safe to assume that she was probably the source of this one. There were three Sarah Palins in the crowd, including one 6-foot-tall guy wearing size 16 heels (apparently sold for Dennis Rodman impersonators? The Shoegazer can’t believe there was a market for such a shoe). Perhaps the fake money was part of a fake Palin’s economic stimulus package. Releasing fake money onto barroom floors is about on par with most of the Republicans’ economic proposals this time around.

Destination: The Shoegazer will keep these fake bills as a keepsake.

DJ Fabulous

a bogus $100 bill. not shown: its blank reverse. photo credit: DJ Fabulous


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One Response to “FOUND: 2 Tricks, 0 Treats”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Maybe you should donate the money to the presidential candidate who’s not of your choice?

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