Guest Shoegaze: Retail Worker Finds “Tip” On The Floor

Found: A friend of The Shoegazer (and roommate to DJ Fabulous) works at a local boutique in Boston, where one of her duties includes keeping the store neat when stuff lands on the floor.  Normally what ends up on the floor is receipts, gum wrappers, and occasionally coins.  Unfortunately, working retail and finding coins on the floor often leads to poverty, and in the case of this guest shoegazer, she was down to her last ten bucks when she spotted a wad of cash lying on the floor by a rack of very expensive jeans.  When nobody was looking, she swooped over and quickly pocketed the cash, coming up with a cool $25 – one twenty and one five, folded together.

Location: This find was reported at the Diesel store on Newbury Streeet in Boston, MA.  The exact location of the cash was in front of a portable rack of $200 jeans toward the front of the store.

Source: Probably somebody who realized that $25 wasn’t going to get them very far at Diesel.  The Shoegazer is with Obama when he talks about “spreading the wealth” around, and what better place to start than spreading it from rich college students to hard working retail clerks?

Destination: The finder of this money reported being extremely grateful, as she was down to her last $10 when the discovery was made.  She reported making a purchase of Campbell’s Chunky soup with the found cash, though when The Shoegazer next saw her, she was drinking an extremely large beer at a Hooters restaurant in Saugus, MA.


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