FOUND: 2 Bones at St. Jerome’s

Found: The Shoegazer recently spent several days down in NYC, trying out his luck in unfamiliar territory while at the same time checking out bands as part of the CMJ Music Marathon and getting together with NY-area friends. While looking downward frequently during long walks around the city and visits to dark, cramped bars, The Shoegazer came up short again and again. It’s certainly possible that New Yorkers are just less careless with their cash, or that the price of drinks in Gotham means little change is coming back across the bar.

However, there’s another possible reason for The Shoegazer’s brief dry spell. While enjoying free drinks at The Annex in the Lower East Side on Friday, October 24, along came proof that New Yorkers just try a little harder at some things. You see, there was a “Professional Shoegazer” inside the club! A guy was walking around with a flashlight, shining it under bar stools and down at people’s feet, stopping to focus on fallen napkins, limes, and gum wrappers. Perhaps it was just a club employee looking for a missing bottle opener or something, but whatever he was doing, the flashlight allowed him to find any money that may have been on the floor.

Having met his match by running into a pro, The Shoegazer departed that bar, undeterred by what he had just seen. A few blocks later, The Shoegazer met up with Boston co-workers at a tiny bar called St. Jerome’s, cramming into the crowded spot to enjoy reasonably priced (for NYC anyway) domestic beer and a mix of classic and ironic rock provided by a DJ. And there, in the final bar in a 3+ day visit that included many bars, The Shoegazer’s luck finally changed, with two singles revealing themselves at your intrepid narrator’s tired feet.

Location: These two singles were on the floor by the bar – the bar being St. Jerome’s on Rivington Street in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Source: Quite possibly somebody from The Shoegazer’s own party, as several of them were rather intoxicated.

Destination: These dollars never left the Lower East Side, as they were spent on a delicious slice of white pizza at Ray’s on Houston Street. The Shoegazer, with his peksy tomato allergy and love of NYC-style pizza, is known to gorge himself on the readily available varieties of white pizza available by the slice at many neighborhood pizzerias.

a promise of "rawk" inside lured the shoegazer in as well

a promise of "rawk" inside lured the shoegazer in as well


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