FOUND: Good Karma; $30

Found: After coming up with $7 worth of floor cash on Friday, October 10, The Shoegazer fearlessly ventured back to Great Scott to see if lightning might in fact strike twice.  Bringing back the lucky seven from the previous night, your intrepid narrator returned on Saturday, October 11 to catch a show featuring Age Rings, Hooray For Earth and Viva Viva, with DJ’s Die Young and Baltimoroder spinning between and after the bands. 

It didn’t take long for The Shoegazer’s luck to continue.  Lying on the floor near the bar was a folded up $20 bill, lying directly beneath its likely source.  The Shoegazer picked up the bill, asked the source (a tall, intoxicated woman) had she lost anything, quickly realizing at her ass had been saved by the keen eye of The Shoegazer.  This marks the first find in quite awhile that was successfully returned to its source.

With a stockpile of good karma, it was only a matter of time before The Shoegazer spotted another lost bill, its former owner long since departed.  This time it was an oddly folded $5 bill near the edge of the dance floor.  But even that wasn’t the end of it – The Shoegazer found yet another $5 bill under one of the tables in the bar area toward the end of the night. 

Location: All of these finds, of course, happened at the venerable Great Scott.   What is it about this venue?  The Shoegazer ventured to two other popular live music venues later in the week, hitting up shows at The Middle East and TT The Bear’s.  Despite conditions eerily similar to those at Great Scott, The Shoegazer spotted nary a quarter on the floor of either venue.  One shoegazing disciple theorizes that the tight pants worn by the Great Scott crowd result in pockets that may handle a couple of ATM-fresh $20’s fine, but when ones, fives and coins are added to the equation, the cup runneth over.  It’s a fine theory, except tight pants are often prevalent at other venues where far less cash has turned up on the floor.

Source: The source of the $20 bill was the tall intoxicated woman.  The Shoegazer handed her a business card requesting an email that might lead to her identification, but with no word yet she will go down as Tall Drunk Girl.  The former owners of the $5 bills remain at large.

Destination: The Shoegazer has little doubt that the $20 was spent frivolously on girly cocktails.  The Shoegazer spent the fivers equally frivolously on post-work beers on the evening of Sunday, October 12.


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