FOUND: Next Week’s Cover Charge

FOUND:  The Shoegazer ventured back to the fertile grounds of The Pill, Fridays at Great Scott in Allston, MA, only to walk into a goldmine (or paper mine, anyway) of lost bills.  It’s getting to the point were finding money on the ground at this night is as common as hearing a dancefloor classic from Pulp or Blur.  This night was special because The Shoegazer made not one lucky find, but two.  Find #1 occured around 1 AM on Saturday, October 11, when two $1 bills, folded together, were spotted under some bar stools.  Had it ended there, it still would have been a good night, but around 2 AM, The Shoegazer was on the stage after the last song of the night had ended, when he spotted a $5 bill lying on the stage.  The fiver is one of the “new” bills featuring the watermarks, yellow “05”s raining down upon the Lincoln Memorial, and of course, the big purple “5” on the lower right corner of the reverse side. 

The Shoegazer

photo credit: Phlegm; hand: The Shoegazer

Location: Both finds occured at Great Scott in Allston, MA, at the corner of Commonwealth and Harvard Avenues.  Find #1 happened by the bar, with Find #2 revealing itself on the stage.

Source: Find #1 appears to be the result of someone being less than careful putting bills back in their pocket or purse following a bar transaction.  Find #2 appears to have wiggled free from some dancing fool. 

Destination: Per usual, The Shoegazer witnessed neither of these finds wrestling free from their rightful owners, and as such the funds were pocketed by the still-underemployed Shoegazer.  Fittingly, these bills have a date to return to Great Scott, where they will once again change hands at the Allston music club.  From there, they will potentially be given as change to other bar patrons, and at Great Scott that means anything could happen.

Note: because The Pill has been so kind to The Shoegazer, it’s only right that the favor be repayed in the form of a plug for their upcoming Halloween show.

The Pill Halloween Show. The original, and best, local music Halloween show

The Pill Halloween Show. The original, and best, local music Halloween show


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One Response to “FOUND: Next Week’s Cover Charge”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I agree with whoever said yesterday that you find so much money at the Pill because everyone’s jeans are so tight your money sticks together.

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