The Shoegazer suffers a minor setback

FOUND: 25 cents, in the form of a “state quarter”, minted between 1999 and 2008.  State unknown.  Normally, it is the policy of The Shoegazer to only blog about sums greater than $1, because who really wants to read a post about a guy pathetic enough to scoop up a dime off the ground?

Last week, The Shoegazer was making his way back to the car after walking around Harvard Square for a bit.  Eyes perpetually looking downward, a quarter came into view, lying on the ground at the foot of a parking meter pole.  There are common places for quarters to turn up, and they include laundromats, arcades, vending machines, bars, and yes, anywhere parking meters are present.

Of course, The Shoegazer should have just kept on gazin’, because after bending over to retrieve this quarter, The Shoegazer suddenly realized that the quarter wasn’t quite ready to come along.  You see, it was glued to the ground.  Every hero faces setbacks, and The Shoegazer falling victim to the glued coin trick is exactly that – a minor setback on the path to greatness.  A path lined by parking meters, and yes, the occasional glued quarter.

Location: A parking meter by Harvard University on Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

Source: The Shoegazer’s nemesis, henceforth known as The Mad Gluer

Destination: Remains there, fooling other would-be Shoegazers


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