FOUND: Chunk of Change

Found: One slightly damp US dollar, at the sold-out CD release party for Passion Pit’s appropriately titled debut EP “Chunk of Change”.  While this particular find was in bill form, the irony was not lost on me.

Location: This bill was folded in half, slightly damp and lying on the floor to the side of the stage at, where else, that purgatory of lost dollars, Great Scott in Allston, MA.  It was found at the end of the night, as the club was clearing out and the lights had been turned on.

Source: Considering it was found near the stage, where bands load and unload their gear, there’s a good chance this bill actually came from one of the members of Passion Pit.  And since their CD’s were selling like hotcakes, The Shoegazer doubts this bill will be missed.

Destination: When The Shoegazer next encounters a member of Passion Pit or its jovial manager, he will buy that person a drink with this dollar.  Or, more precisely, The Shoegazer will buy a drink and leave this dollar on the bar as a tip.  It’s up to Tim & co. to grab it before it ends up on the floor once again.


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