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Found: Get One $5 Bill In Cash Back, Get One Free!

August 27, 2008

Found: The Shoegazer is one fly fox, if he may say so himself.  When shopping for nutritious food at the supermarket, he usually uses the self-service checkout lanes.  They’re speedy, convenient and there’s little chance that the woman in front of you will be pulling out a personal check and holding up the line.  In the past, The Shoegazer has had some luck finding money left behind in the cash return hopper below the scanner.  As The Shoegazer approached the U-Scan area today, he noticed a bill sitting in one of those hoppers, and obviously decided to use that kiosk.  And even though The Shoegazer had cash in his pocket, he opted for cash back with his debit purchase, and pocketed the jettisoned bill along with his own, coming up with an extra $5 – what basically amounted to free dinner.

Location: The U-Scan kiosk of the Shaw’s Supermarket in Porter Square, Cambridge/Somerville, MA

Source: Either an inattentive shopper or someone who was up late the night before watching Pay It Forward on tv.  Had someone recently departed this kiosk, The Shoegazer would have altered the customer, but said person was long gone by the time he arrived, which meant that if The Shoegazer also left it, the store would have just pocketed it themselves and gone back to jacking up the prices of everything.

Destination: This fiver is still in The Shoegazer’s possession as of this time, but its transfer of ownership to The Shoegazer rendered his purchase of fish and bread (not consumed together) to be almost free.  The lucky bill almost surely has a rendezvous with a local bartender or coffee shop clerk in the very near future.


FOUND: Biblical Buck

August 20, 2008

Found: The Shoegazer has heard the stories of religious folks who put money in hotel room Bibles in the hopes that us secular folk will pick up the Good Book in search of cash, only to be captivated by His words, setting us on the path to being born again.  Since hearing about this a few years ago, The Shoegazer has religiously (pun intended) checked the Bibles of hotel rooms he’s stayed in, perusing Bibles from here to California.  Well for everyone who might think that the old “money in the bible” story is an urban legend, The Shoegazer has proved it to be true, uncovering a well-worn $1 bill from a hotel room Bible.

Location: The dollar was between the front cover and the title page of the Holy Bible.  The book was in a drawer directly  beneath the television.  This was all in room 3092 of the Westin Hotel, of which this branch was in Hilton Head Island, SC.

The Westin, Hilton Head Island, SC. Great place, but pass on the shrimp tacos if you go.

The Westin, Hilton Head Island, SC. Great place, but pass on the shrimp tacos if you go.

Source: A hopeful and generous Christian soul.  And based on the rates at this hotel, a fairly well-off Christian soul who doesn’t seem to have any problem accumulating wealth in the face of world poverty and starvation.

Destination: Although I had originally thought that taking a dollar out of a Bible might be bad karma, I pocketed the dollar, believing it to be payback for having a cancelled flight and generally having to deal with Air Tran employees.  The dollar was spent at a nearby Piggly Wiggly, where The Shoegazer purchased a 12-pack of Yeungling and a coozy with which to conceal his purchase down by the hot tub.  It is worth mentioning, however, that The Shoegazer received a painful jellyfish sting only a few hours after taking this dollar.  I’d say that God sent the jellyfish to punish me, but jellyfish don’t have brains.

Jellyfish. Sent by God to avenge hotel room Shoegazing, and to ruin late night swims

Jellyfish. Sent by God to avenge hotel room Shoegazing, and to ruin late night swims