FOUND: Dancefloor Dollar

Found: The Shoegazer has been a longtime regular at “The Pill”, which for the past few years has been held every Friday at Great Scott in Allston, MA.  You’ll notice from previous posts that Great Scott is a popular spot to lose currency out of one’s pocket or purse.  Inevitably it winds up on the floor until someone happens to be looking downward at the right time.  That person is usually me.  So I was shaking my booty on Friday hoping to avoid those flailing dancefloor boneheads who think The Pill is Thunderdome Jr, when I spied a small piece of green and white paper on the floor.  Eureka!  The Shoegazer’s dry streak is over, and just in time – The Shoegazer found himself freed of the shackles of full-time employment this very week. 

Location: The middle of a crowded dancefloor.  I realize I risked being slammed into or having my hand stepped on by a stiletto, but my risk paid off.

Source: Hopefully that asshole who was flailing like a jackass on the dancefloor and knocked a full beer out of my hand. 

Destination: This dollar made The Shoegazer’s next beer 25% cheaper.  While at The Pill, The Shoegazer likes to live the high life, and sip the champagne of beers. 


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2 Responses to “FOUND: Dancefloor Dollar”

  1. Great moments in cash acquisition : allston city limits Says:

    […] don’t call it your moneymaker for nothing. Massive score at the Pill. So I was shaking my booty on Friday hoping to avoid those flailing dancefloor […]

  2. hollyh Says:

    i almost divebombed that, but alas, it was my stiletoed heel that was tipping precariously all over the dancefloor.

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