FOUND: 2 Locations, 1 Buck

Buck #1

Found: One dollar in US currency.  This is the first of two recent finds outside the usual realm of bars, but in a rather conspicuous place.  Just goes to show you how few people look where they’re walking.

Location: The main lobby of 580 Harrison Ave in the south end neighborhood of Boston.  This is a busy office building and the dollar was found literally in the middle of the lobby around the time when workers are filing into the building in the morning.

Source: An unknown worker or visitor to the office building.  I’m not exactly sure why this dollar would have broken free of its owner’s iron-tight grasp at this point, as office lobbies aren’t normally a spot for pulling out cash or fishing for keys. 

Destination: This dollar made The Shoegazer’s lunch slightly cheaper on this day.  And when you make what The Shoegazer makes, a dollar certainly helps.

Buck #2

Found: A one-dollar bill, folded and lying on the floor unnoticed by all save The Shoegazer.

Location: In front of the registers at a Dunkin Donuts at the intersection of Washington and East Berkeley Streets in Boston.

Source: A Dunkies patron who was just a little too careless in pulling their cash out of a pocket to pay for a coffee or bagel.  They’re lucky they were only parted with Mr. Washington here and not Misters Jackson, Lincoln or Hamilton. 

Destination: This one was tossed into the tip cup for the Dunkin’s employees, who seem to work pretty hard and one of whom is pretty good at remembering The Shoegazer’s order – small iced coffee, extra milk, 2 equals.  That’s the stuff.


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