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FOUND: Thirteen Year Old Abe

April 25, 2008

Found: One five dollar bill in the “old” style, before the early-00’s re-design came into effect and modernized the fiver.  This bill dates back to 1995 and is well-worn, although it’s outlasted a vast majority of its siblings.  My guess is that it sat in someone’s sock drawer or pants pocket for many years before re-entering circulation.

Location: An expected spot – on the floor of a bar.  This bar happens to be O’Briens, a small live music venue on Harvard Ave. in Allston, MA.  This bill was spotted almost immediately after entering the bar.  Interesting side fact – about six years ago The Shoegazer found a crisp $50 bill lying on the ground right outside this bar.  Perhaps O’Briens is part of a portal or Bermuda Triangle for lost money turning up.

Source: Clearly an inattentive bar patron, although the bigger mystery is how this old-school $5 bill has lasted so long while much newer bills turn up far more worn.

Destination: The Shoegazer is always pleased to come into the possession of an old bill.  He has an appreciation for all things vintage, and it displeased him greatly to part with this bill at his next stop of the evening.  This bill landed in the hands of the door man at Common Ground (up the street), who was collecting cover charges for the bar.  The fiver ultimately allowed The Shoegazer entry into a room full of drunk people dancing to 80’s music, plus two dollars in change.


FOUND: 2 Locations, 1 Buck

April 5, 2008

Buck #1

Found: One dollar in US currency.  This is the first of two recent finds outside the usual realm of bars, but in a rather conspicuous place.  Just goes to show you how few people look where they’re walking.

Location: The main lobby of 580 Harrison Ave in the south end neighborhood of Boston.  This is a busy office building and the dollar was found literally in the middle of the lobby around the time when workers are filing into the building in the morning.

Source: An unknown worker or visitor to the office building.  I’m not exactly sure why this dollar would have broken free of its owner’s iron-tight grasp at this point, as office lobbies aren’t normally a spot for pulling out cash or fishing for keys. 

Destination: This dollar made The Shoegazer’s lunch slightly cheaper on this day.  And when you make what The Shoegazer makes, a dollar certainly helps.

Buck #2

Found: A one-dollar bill, folded and lying on the floor unnoticed by all save The Shoegazer.

Location: In front of the registers at a Dunkin Donuts at the intersection of Washington and East Berkeley Streets in Boston.

Source: A Dunkies patron who was just a little too careless in pulling their cash out of a pocket to pay for a coffee or bagel.  They’re lucky they were only parted with Mr. Washington here and not Misters Jackson, Lincoln or Hamilton. 

Destination: This one was tossed into the tip cup for the Dunkin’s employees, who seem to work pretty hard and one of whom is pretty good at remembering The Shoegazer’s order – small iced coffee, extra milk, 2 equals.  That’s the stuff.