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FOUND: Honest Abe

February 28, 2008


Found: A $5 (US) bill, folded into quarters. Yet another find on the floor of a crowded bar. My long drought of not finding any money on the ground is over. A few weeks ago someone dropped a crumpled dollar bill on the floor in front of me at KFC, but I was unable to pick up the dollar conspicuously enough to make it worth a shot. Why didn’t I tell the guy who dropped it, you may ask? Well, he nudged his way in front of me entering the restaurant, didn’t hold the door for me, and then proceeded to hold up the line with a long order. So that’s that, and now back to the fiver…

Where: The main bar at Harper’s Ferry on Brighton Ave in Allston, MA

Source: I initially thought this bill had been dropped by two friends who I was having a conversation with at the time, when I noticed the bill on the floor between the three of us. After picking it up I asked if either of them had dropped it. They could have easily said yes and had a free $5, but they were honest, and with a blessing of “finders keepers” it went into my pocket. Thanks to The Shoegazer’s annonymous friend for the photo.

Destination: This fiver did not stay with me long. Shortly after the free beer ran out at this free show, I was forced to break down and buy a beer at the bar. The fiver went toward the purchase of a Miller High Life bottle ($3), plus a tip for the attentive bartender ($1. tipping percentage: 33%). The remaining dollar was spent toward the purchase of an iced coffee to nurse the following morning’s hangover.