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FOUND: Crumpled Up Bucks

December 30, 2007

Found: A crumpled wad of currency that upon further inspection consisted of two (2) US dollar bills.  The balled up appearance of the money suggests it was change from a hasty purchase, stuffed quickly into a pocket where it obviously did not stay.

Where: The sidewalk right outside of the Paradise Rock Club on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA.

Source: Likely a concert-goer to the just-concluded show at the Paradise featuring The Sheila Divine, Orbit and The Control Group.  The Shoegazer smoked some very good pot and therefore missed the opener but otherwise had a great time.

Destination: The Shoegazer shared one of the dollars with a companion who claimed he had spotted the wad of cash first.  The other dollar was used toward the purchase of an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts the following evening.  It allowed him to pay with exact change.