FOUND: Anthrax Dollars

Found: Ok, so this one doesn’t start with me looking down in a bar or on a sidewalk. The Shoegazer and a work colleague were waiting for an inbound train at the Broadway MBTA station at around 7pm on Tuesday, November 27 when we were approached by a young man who asked us if we had used the ticket machine upstairs, because he had found $3 there. We both said no, which he responded by offering us the $3 anyway. The Shoegazer has never been offered money by a stranger before, especially in a city where there’s plenty of people trying to beg for it or con you for it. The strange part – the ticket machines at the T stations spit out dollar coins, and this guy had 3 paper $1.00 bills.

Where: Broadway MBTA station, South Boston, MA

Source: Somewhat strange 20-something white male, who did not want this $3

Destination: We pondered why this stranger offered us the cash when we clearly told him it wasn’t ours. Maybe he still felt guilty keeping it? Maybe it’s like that movie “Pay It Forward”? Or maybe he was a terrorist, and the dollars have been coated with anthrax, making The Shoegazer patient zero in a bio-terror attack. Nevertheless, The Shoegazer and work companion spent these dollars at Anna’s Taqueria in Cambridge, MA. A burrito (super chicken) and a quesadilla (chicken) were purchased.


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