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FOUND: Sawbuck

October 7, 2007


Found: $10 bill, similar to the one in the picture, but bearing the traditional portrait of unlucky dueler/founding father Alexander Hamilton

Where: Great Scott, a bar and music club in Allston, MA.  This bill was found folded, under a barstool.  As you’ll notice as we go along that noisy, crowded bars are prime territory for finding jettisoned bills as they slip out of bar patrons’ pockets. 

Source: unknown.  The person who lost this bill had left the scene prior to its discovery, so it was pocketed by The Shoegazer.

 Destination: The Shoegazer spent this sawbuck at Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square on Saturday, October 6.  The Shoegazer purchased a bowl of soup, a piece of bread and a small iced tea and received several dollars in change.


Introducing: The Shoegazer

October 7, 2007

I am The Shoegazer.  Welcome to my humble weblog.  The subject of this page is an uncanny ability I seem to have acquired.  I find money on the ground.  ALL the time.   I never find wallets.  I almost never catch anyone in the act, but when I do I of course return their lost bill, usually to a very thankful (and a bit more careful) person.  But sure enough, I keep my eyes to the ground and sooner or later the image of a dead president will come into view.  

 The good fortune started when I worked at an amusement park arcade one summer, where a watchful eye could pocket you a pound or two of quarters during an eight-hour shift.   Occasionally bills would turn up – a welcome addition to by pay of $5.50 (before taxes).

 From there it snowballed, finding $1 bills here, $20’s occasionally, and even a $50 bill (on the ground outside O’Briens pub in Allston, MA) and a folded crisp $100 sitting in a freshly fallen pile of snow in a Manchester, NH parking lot.

This blog was created to document my weird talent of finding money on the ground.  What I found, where I found it, and what I did with my windfall.